Past Projects

2013 Producer/Director.  Better Work Vietnam – ILO (HCMC- Vietnam) – Promotional Film

Nick produced a 7 minute promotional film for BWV.  The infomercial style film is designed to promote the organisations work in Vietnam by hearing from the people who run BWV and the people who use it.  Its aim is to encourage other factories to join the Better Work programme and improve productivity.   A series of similar promotional films for Better Work country programmes in Indonesia, Bangladesh and the Philippines are planned.
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2013 Producer/Director.  BBC News – News Feature

Nick made this feature for BBC News from Cambodia where, until recently, people living with the Aids virus were treated as social outcasts.  Now, thanks to the Buddhist Leadership Initiative – a joint Unicef and Cambodian Government training scheme that places traditional Buddhist pagodas and the country’s more than 50,000 monks at the centre of a redemptive healing process – life is slowly returning to normal.
To watch this report click here:

2013 Producer/Director.  BBC News – News Feature

Around 10 years ago Cambodia’s capital, Phnom Penh, was a city with an enviable problem – what to do with its rich legacy of of colonial-era buildings – knock them down or find a profitable way of preserving them?
Nick reports for BBC’s Fasttrack Travel programme on the drive to retain the city’s unique architecture
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2013 Producer/Director.  BBC News – News Feature

Nick produced a feature with the BBC’s Guy Delauney on a collection of artists that have been commissioned to recreate some of the elaborate carvings missing from the temples of Angkor Wat in Cambodia. They’re working to recreate features including Apsara figures which once decorated the roof of the 900-year-old monument.
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2012  Camera/Director.  BBC Television

Nick filmed for the BBC World/FASTTRACK on the the amazing work of NKFC Founder Ravynn Karet-Coxen and her foundation’s efforts to preserve classical dance in Cambodia. The short feature focuses on her work to encourage people to view this amazing art form outside of bars and hotels where people eat, drink and smoke etc. and honour the beauty and talent of these amazing children in traditional settings like ancient pagodas and temples.

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2012 Writer. International Labour Organisation (Geneva, Switzerland) :  Threading the Needle – Comic Book.

Nick from Navigator, in collaboration with Jose Encinas of Minus 36 has just completed a 70 page graphic novel/comic book entitled “Threading the Needle”. Commissioned by the International Labour Organization (UN) and funded by the Levis Strauss Foundation the book is a simple life-skills guide which aims to help young people moving from the countryside to start a new life in Phnom Penh ’s garment sector.  Tens of thousands of young people leave the safety and security of their villages each year to join the 350,000+ workers who already work in the industry.  The comic’s aim was to help ease this transition by highlighting some of the key issues young people face.  The comic will be officially launched in July 2012 and will of course be printed in Khmer.  For more information please contact Nick Wood –

To view the full English version of Threading the Needle please visit:

 2011 Writer. International Labour Organisation (Geneva, Switzerland) – Better Factories Cambodia:

10th Year Anniversary project – Oral History and Comic Book

Better Factories Cambodia is a unique programme of the International Labour Organization. It benefits workers, employers and their organizations. It benefits consumers in Western countries and helps reduce poverty in one of the poorest nations of the world. It does this by monitoring and reporting on working conditions in Cambodian garment factories according to national and international standards, by helping factories to improve working conditions and productivity, and by working with the Government and international buyers to ensure a rigorous and transparent cycle of improvement. Navigator undertook a 10 year review of all that has been achieved by the ILO’s groundbreaking project by producing an oral history and cartoon comic book of the organisation’s work in Cambodia.

To view this comic click here :

2005-2012 Cameraman/Director. BBC World News, Asia Today, Fasttrack Travel

Nick currently films on a regular basis for BBC World News. During the past 6 years, working alongside the BBC’s correspondent in Cambodia and Laos – Guy Delauney – Nick has filmed more than 100 news reports, features and profiles for various programmes including BBC News, Fasttrack, Asia Today, Health-Check and Asia Business Report. Reports include feature stories on the current state of traditional and fine arts in Cambodia, Organic Rice Farming as a niche market for Cambodia’s agricultural sector and the most recently the highly controversial issue of land-grabbing, farming and water issues. Other reports have dealt with Wildlife Conservation efforts, Cambodia Returnees, Aids/HIV, Tourism, Evictions, Agricultural and Development issues and numerous reports from the UN sponsored Khmer Rouge Tribunals. To see 5 different news reports go to:

2011 Cameraman/Director. Asia Development bank

Filming mission in the central highlands of Vietnam for the Asia Development Bank. This is a three year project assessment video which examines the impact of the Song Bung 4 Hydropower dam on the indigenous people of central Vietnam – Visit the ADB website  to see video feature stories related to this project.

2011 Cameraman/Director. Asia Development bank

Filming mission in Laos for the Asia Development Bank. The aim was to provide feature stories which examine the impact of the Nam Tueng 2 Hydropower Dam on local communities and efforts of the ADB to resettle 1000’s of families who have been affected. Visit the ADB website  to see video feature stories related to this project

2011 Cameraman/Director. Asia Development bank

Filming mission documenting the renovation of Cambodia’s Asia Development Bank supported railway system – a major step towards the creation of an Iron Silk Road stretching from Singapore to Scotland.

Visit the ADB website  to see the video feature story on this project

2010/11 Director/Producer. UN Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO) – Food Security Project

The FAO EU Food Facility Project is part of a massive response to the rising food prices which affected poor farming families in many parts of the world during 2008 and continues to this day. The European Union has provided funds through its Food Facility Project in many countries and in Cambodia FAO received Euro 11.2 million to implement the project ‘Improving the food security of the farming families affected by the volatile food prices’. The project goal is to improve the food security of vulnerable households. The project provides assistance for rice production and post harvest; vegetable production; inland aquaculture and nutrition supported by training and policy elements. The outputs consisted of four short feature documentaries and an overview film. Visit the FAO website  to see these video shorts.

2010/11 Producer/Writer. International Labour Organisation (Geneva, Switzerland) – Animated Induction Video (World-wide use)

Commissioned by the ILO, Navigator produced a 15 minute induction video for the global garment manufacturing industry worldwide. This unique animated/cartoon film introduces new garment factory workers to their rights and responsibilities. Available in English, Khmer and Vietnamese this ambitious animation project will be used internationally by the ILO. To see a clip from this animation please visit: 

2010 Cameraman/Director. Asia Development bank

Filming mission in Laos for the Asia Development Bank. The aim was to provide feature stories which examine the development and infrastructure rehabilitation work currently being conducted across Laos by the ADB – Visit the ADB website  to see video feature stories related to this project

2010 Cameraman/Director. CNN World Report

Makeshift bamboo cars make way for refurbished locomotives in Cambodia.

To view this new report please go to the CNN website at: 

2010 Cameraman. BBC Television/PBS – ‘Comrade Duch: Bookkeeper of Death’

Nick filmed for the BBC/PBS 90 minute broadcast documentary on the life and trial of the former head of the Tuol Sleng Torture Centre – Comrade Duch. This unique feature length documentary examines Duch’s rise to power and infamy during the Pol Pot years and his subsequent UN backed trial which saw him become the first senior member of the Khmer Rouge to face justice.

Click here to view this film  and for more information on this film visit: 

2010 Cameraman/Director. International Labour Organisation (Bangkok) – WIND

Filmed in both Vietnam and Thailand this 15 minute film examines the work of The International Labour Organization to improve the health and safety of farmers in Vietnam. The programme will be implemented in four provinces, Ha Nam in the north, Nghe An in central Vietnam, and Can Tho and Hau Giang in the south. About 67 per cent of Vietnam’s working population is involved in agriculture and agricultural production. Modernizing the sector and increasing productivity plays a vital role in poverty alleviation and the country’s social and economic development. Visit the ILO’s website to see feature stories on the project. To view the film please go to: 

2010 Cameraman/Director. World Bank: Water and Sanitation Programme – Bio-Sand Filters

Navigator in association with Guy Delauney associates recently filmed a 12 minute video for the World Bank on their successful Bio-Sand Filters project which aims to bring clean and safe water to tens of thousands of families across Cambodia. The film is being used by the World Bank to inform donors of the projects success and to encourage its partners to continue implementation of this important project. To view this film please visit: 

2010 Writer/Producer. International Labour Organisation – At the Factory Gates – Vietnamese Version

Navigator has recently completed four episodes of ‘At the Factory Gates’ for Better Work Vietnam in collaboration with the ILO and the IFC (part of the World Bank Group). Like its Cambodian counter-part the series aims to raise awareness amongst factory workers regarding their rights and responsibilities under Vietnam’s labour laws. The series is being funded by ADF. An additional four episodes are planned for 2011/2012. To see a preview go to 

2008/2009 Facilitator/Local Producer. WRP Group/CBS (USA) – Amazing Race 13 (Siem Reap, Cambodia) Amazing Race 15 (Phnom Penh)

Navigator is the co-production facilitation company for The Amazing Races’ episodes shot in Siem Reap and Phnom Penh, Cambodia (seasons 13 and 15). Filmed, in part, at the world famous temples of Angkor – a UNESCO World Heritage Site – and on the magnificent Tonle Sap Lake the show was deemed a unanimous success by producers and viewers alike. One year later WRP were back again to film in Cambodia – this time in the capital Phnom Penh. Navigator drew on its extensive network of Governmental, UNO and private-sector contacts to gain unprecedented access to some of Cambodia’s most iconic locations for both of these shows. To see AR15 in Phnom Penh please go to: 

2009 Director/Producer. International Labour Organisation (Bangkok) – Human Trafficking

Navigator produced a short film on the Human Trafficking in the Philippines and Thailand. The film investigates why trafficking is so prevalent in these two countries and what the ILO and the Governments of the Philippines and Thailand are doing to support victims of trafficking on their return home.

2005-2009 Writer/Producer. International Labour Organisation – At the Factory Gates

Navigator produced the final 2 episodes of an eight-part Soap Opera series for the UN-ILO as part of their Better Factories Cambodia initiative which aims to raise awareness amongst factory workers regarding their rights and responsibilities under Cambodia’s new labour laws. The series is funded by the American clothing manufacturers GAP and Levis Strauss, along with USAID and ADF. To see a preview of episodes go to: 

2009 Director/Producer. International Labour Organisation – Child Labour

A short film on the Worst Forms of Child Labour in Cambodia . Covering a variety of areas where child labour is most found the film investigates why it is so prevalent in Cambodia and what the ILO and the Royal Government of Cambodia are doing to eliminate it. To view this video please visit: 

2008 Local Line-Producer. The Discovery Channel – Out of Egypt

Navigator was the local production company coordinating all filming requirements in Cambodia for this 8 – Part Discovery Channel series which examines the similarities in architecture, customs and beliefs of ancient civilizations to those of the ancient Egypt . To view the episode featuring Cambodia go to: 

2008 Country Producer/2nd Unit Camera. National Geographic – Ancient Megastructures II

Navigator was the local production company for this epic production on the building of the Temples of Angkor. This one hour documentary included major reconstruction of the building of Angkor and battle scenes involving a cast of 100’s. To watch this film please go to: 

2008 Director/Producer. IFC MPDF (World Bank) – Sustainable Tourism for Cambodia

Navigator produced a 15min. promotional film for IFC MPDF on Sustainable Tourism initiatives in Cambodia . The film highlights the ever increasing role of sustainable tourism in the tourism sector by focusing on the alternatives offered by a growing number of Cambodian owned and operated businesses. To view this video go to: 

2007 Cameraman/Director. CNN/ILO : Rebuilding Baphuon Temple in Angkor , Cambodia

Tourists will soon be able to visit on of Angkor’s greatest architectural treasures: The 11th Century Baphuon Temple . After years of undertaking the reconstruction on perhaps the world’s largest archaeological jigsaw puzzle the rebuilding of the magnificent temple is almost complete. Safety training means today’s Khmer construction workers are reclaiming this piece of their heritage without the dangers their ancestors faced. CNN and the ILO examine what is being done to improve health and safety standards on important archaeological sites in Cambodia . To view this film visit the ILO website at: 

2007 Director/Producer. International Labour Organisation – Better Factories Cambodia

Navigator completed a 20 minute promotional film for Better Factories Cambodia. Funded by USAID and ADF the film highlights the unique work of Better Factories Cambodia project and their efforts to improve working conditions for Cambodia ‘s 380,000 garment sector workers. To see this video go to 

2007 Director/Producer. UN Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO) – Avian Influenza – A Country Responds

Navigator produced a 15min. promotional film for the FAO in Cambodia on their efforts to combat the growing threat of Avian Influenza. Traversing the country to get an in-depth insight into the conditions that allow AI to flourish and what is being done by the FAO to counter this, the film will be used by the UN-FAO as a campaigning and educational tool in their AI awareness campaigns. To see the video of this project visit the FAO’s website at: 

2006 Director/Cameraman. Talking Sex - UNFPA – Europe

A TV documentary, broadcast across Asia , examining a variety of sexual and reproductive health issues facing the youth of seven Asian and SE Asian countries. Filmed in Sri Lanka , Nepal , Laos , Cambodia and Vietnam , this fast-paced, powerful documentary was also broadcast across Europe during the summer of 2006. View this video at: 

CNN / ILO (2004)

Navigator completed a series of short news reports for CNN International’s World Report. The series commissioned by the UN’s International Labour Organisation (ILO) examines the issues affecting Cambodian workers and in particular those related to the country’s leading foreign currency earner – the garment industry. The six three minute stories looked into the lives of workers, conditions in factories, the relationship between employers and employees and the labour laws and rights of workers in Cambodia.

BBC 1 Blue Peter (2004)

Navigator locally produced and filmed for the BBC’s flagship children’s television series “Blue Peter”. 2004 saw the 25th anniversary of the famous appeal for Cambodia initiated by the Blue Peter team after the fall of the Khmer Rouge regime in 1979. This year the show and its Bafta award-winning presenter Matt Baker returned to Cambodia to examine how the projects originally funded by the viewers of Blue Peter all those years ago have faired and how they continue to make a real impact on people’s lives. The new show also examined some of the pressing issues facing Cambodia today like wildlife conservation and the preservation of indigenous culture and monuments.

UXO Lao / UNDP, Lao PDR, Claiming the Future  (2004)

Navigator produced a cutting edge promotional film for UXO Lao, the national humanitarian landmine and unexploded ordnance programme in the Lao PDR. Camera and direction by Navigator Associate, Ian White (
Available for download – please email:

BBC World Television Trust / DFID

Navigator Communications completed a ‘Pilot’ Soap Opera for the BBC World Television Trust which is part of the BBC’s commitment to promoting Aids/HIV awareness and education in developing countries. The 20 minute pilot was funded by the UK’s Department for International Development (DFID) and the BBC and is part of a three year, three million dollar campaign to promote a better understanding of the issues surrounding Aids/HIV. Set in a Cambodian nurses’ training college and hospital the soap opera has a cast of 8 main characters and more than 30 supporting roles. Filmed entirely by a Cambodian crew and performed by many of the country’s best known actors and some talented newcomers, this lead episode to a 74 part series has received unprecedented reviews and support by both the local population and the Cambodian Ministry of Health.

UNHCR – Sri Lanka

Navigator Communications undertook a filming assignment, commissioned by UNHCR (Geneva), focusing on the plight of refugees and IDP’s returning to their former homes and villages in the Jaffna region of Sri Lanka. The film graphically illustrated the conditions in which people are living now, and those in the areas they are returning to. It highlighted the enthusiasm that returnees show for going home but also the reality of what actually awaits them in these sometimes dangerous and ill-serviced areas: destroyed homes, landmines and unexploded ordnance, a lack of schools, hospitals and clinics or even basic sanitation or clean water. The project was part of UNHCR’s World Refugee Day television coverage for national and international media outlets, and was broadcast around the world in an effort to raise awareness of the issues facing refugees as they return to this troubled region.

UNESCO – Royal Ballet, Cambodia

Working in collaboration with UNESCO and the Cambodian Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts, Navigator Communications produced a short film to support the Royal Ballet of Cambodia’s candidature for the Proclamation of Masterpieces or Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity. This unique status was granted to the Royal Ballet in November 2003 and the film played an integral part of the extensive application process. The film’s aim was to illustrate the efforts that have been undertaken by UNESCO and the Royal Cambodian Government to manage, preserve, protect and promote this truly unique example of traditional culture. Using extensive archive footage, as well as newly shot images, the film took the viewer on a journey from the ballet’s origins at the court of the ancient Khmer empire, through its ruin at the destructive hands of the Khmer Rouge, to its resurgence as the pre-eminent symbol, and centre-piece, of Cambodian culture. The film received special praise from UNESCO for its clarity of message and for its remarkable imagery.

CD Rom – Angkor: Ten Centuries of Fascination

In collaboration with the Paris based multi-media company ExtraMundi Productions, Navigator have been involved in the production of a totally revised, English language version of the award winning CD Rom ‘Angkor: Ten Centuries of Fascination’. It is, without doubt, the most comprehensive piece of work of its type on the subject of the temples of Angkor.
The objective of the CDRom was to give interested parties, historians, students, visitors to Angkor, ‘Cambodia-ophiles’, archaeologists and virtually anyone with an interest in monuments and history a broad understanding of how the temples came to be, who built them and why, and their significance to Cambodia in its past, present and future.
It is a huge body of work which delves deep into a whole range of social, economic and political issues related to the temples. It explores the Cambodian myths regarding creation, the complex hydraulic systems related to the temples that impact every facet of Cambodian life, the memories of the great explorers of Angkor and particularly those of the L’Ecole Francaise d’Extreme-Orient. In addition it informs about the life of the temples, and the all important rhythm of the seasons to Cambodia. It explores in great detail the individual temples themselves, the truly unique art forms and statuary developed during the Angkorian period, and the legends and traditions which have evolved around the temples.
The CDRom includes 1000′s of photographs, maps, architectural plans and diagrams, graphics, 3D images, 360 degree panoramics, animated graphics, satellite photographs and video sequences.

RedR Security Management Training Video Series –new DVD release

Navigator Communication’s well-received training series was released on DVD in 2003. The films have made a massive impact on the effectiveness of security management training in the humanitarian sector, and are also acknowledged as having developed the concepts taught on the course. See

Amnesty International Far from the Eyes of Society (2002)

20 minute broadcast documentary / video news release and supporting B Roll, focusing on mental health and social care issues in Bulgaria . Far from the Eyes of Society was used by Amnesty International’s Secretary General when she launched Amnesty’s report on these issues in Sophia on 10th October 2002. Broadcast in Bulgaria and streamed on the Amnesty website.

DFID/RedR, Security Training Video Resources Project (2002)

A 6 month DFID / EC funded project to provide a series of training videos to support international security management training for aid agencies. The resources have been developed to support the training delivered by RedR (the UK based NGO, Register of Engineers for Disaster Relief). This has involved shooting in the UK, Switzerland, Kenya and Cambodia, and incorporates archive material from broadcast films (including The Killing Fields and Mentorn Barraclough Carey’s award winning 1999 documentary on Kosovo, The Valley) and humanitarian (ICRC, UNHCR, Oxfam and Amnesty International) sources.

UNICEF – The Victim: Srey Prous’ Story

Nick was the Production Coordinator on this 45 minute training film produced by UNICEF on child trafficking and abduction. This film was made for the Cambodian Ministry of the Interior and the Cambodian National Police force to dramatically illustrate the plight of child victims forced into the sex industry.

National Geographic / October Films - Out There – Sentinels of Death

30 minute documentary on the latest advances in mechanical demining machinery. This film is part of the award winning National Geographic series, broadcast worldwide.

United Nations, Deadly Harvest

Documentary/promotional film on the plight of refugees returning to mined land and the work of the Cambodian Mine Action Centre (1993).

ORF Television / Mines Advisory Group, Surviving the Peace

German language broadcast documentary (broadcast in both Austria and Germany), and English language non-broadcast documentary, on Bosnian refugees returning to former front line villages for the Thema magazine programme (1998).

Discovery Channel, Canada, Danger Mines, Danger UXO

A broadcast documentary on the impact of landmines and unexploded ordnance in Cambodia and Laos (1997).

Mines Advisory Group, Promotional Films

About their operations in Cambodia (Liberating the Land, 1994) and Lao PDR (Secret War, Secret Slaughter, 1995).

Christian Aid Appeals, Ethiopia (1993 & 1997)

Production management for award winning RSA and Union Films television commercials.

Church World Service (CWS), Helping a Hurting World

A series of video vignettes illustrating CWS’s relief and development work in Cambodia. The footage was used in both broadcast and non-broadcast formats (1995)

Cambodia & Laos Grass Roots Audio-Visual Project for TVE & PANOS London/Oxfam Netherlands

An integrated oral testimony and community video project, developed in partnership with Television Trust for the Environment (1997)

War of the Mines: Cambodia, Landmines and the Impoverishment of a Nation (Pluto Press, London & Boulder Colorado)

Ground breaking work documenting the socio-economic and human impact of landmines in Cambodia, illustrated with 100 black and white photographs. As a campaigning work, the book made a significant contribution to the International Campaign to Ban Landmines (winner of the 1997 Nobel Peace Prize), and received the endorsement of over 50 international humanitarian aid organisations, including UNICEF and UNHCR. A Japanese version of War of the Mines appeared in 1996.
Nick was the Production Coordinator on this 45 minute training film produced by UNICEF on child trafficking and abduction. This film was made for the Cambodian Ministry of the Interior and the Cambodian National Police force to dramatically illustrate the plight of child victims forced into the sex industry.